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Every project’s expectations deserve a successful outcome. Because of this, Menconi actively implements higher standards into our practices that work at minimizing potential risks, ultimately preventing project delays.

Powering through the toughest jobs, accommodating projects with odd hours, and setting ourselves up for projects involving logistical nightmares is right in our wheelhouse.


Menconi delivers superior installations of terrazzo, resinous epoxy, and polished concrete flooring systems with proven expertise for commercial, industrial, and high-end residential clients.


Installations, restorations, and refinishing is our specialty. With a multitude of pour-in-place options, terrazzo offers endless design possibilities, promotes sustainability, is extremely low maintenance, and with its 40+ year lifespan offers long-term durability.


Refining and polishing a concrete’s natural surface is cost-effective and offers low maintenance with extreme durability. A variety of stains and finishes make this a great option for designers.


Offers a variety of resin-based coatings, and decorative granule quartz or vinyl flake options that exceptionally perform in manufacturing and industrial settings due to its high resistance to chemicals and slip-resistant properties. 


Variances in substrate heights are a reality on most projects. Often, we are contracted to level out variances allowing us to true-up a floor prior to our intended installation, ensuring your projects remain on target.


A versatile cement-based self-leveling product that is widely used as a topping, re-surfacer, or underlayment.  Allows for a polished concrete look without compromising the structural integrity of a concrete foundation.  



Critical in all flooring applications, substrate preparation can include

shot-blasting or grinding. This process allows for an optimal subsurface, 

ensuring greater success during new

flooring installations.

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